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Scale Computing NAS
Every Scale storage cluster is powered by ICOS: An advanced storage operating system combining powerful features with intelligence that makes storage easy-to-manage, even for novices. Start serving data in minutes while directing powerful features like thin provisioning, snapshots, replication, and caching - all from a highly intuitive interface.

Because Scale’s ICOS is a clustered rather than controller-based architecture, Scales Computings clusters contain three nodes. This provides the redundancy and data protection needed in the rare event of drive or node failure. Scale's entire suite of storage products is designed to reduce your costs, increase control and make storage more convenient to manage.

Scale Computing ICOS Entry Level & Remote Office N Series

The N-Series comes packed with the full-funtionality of ICOS, but in a 1U, 2-Drive form factor with 1.5 TB usable drives. The N-Series is perfect for: archiving, disk-backup, replication to remote offices, campus settings and small business applications that are not database intensive.
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Scale Computing ICOS All Purpose (SAN / NAS) S Series

Scale Computing's S-series line of storage products is the storage workhorse for the mid-market. It's perfect for the vast majority of SMB uses cases such as archiving, virtualization, virtual desktops, disk-based backup, and even some database loads. With 210 MB of throughput on a three-node cluster, the S-series gives you the speed and performance you need.
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Scale Computing ICOS Performance and Database M Series

The M-Series is an example of a performance driven configuration. ICOS sees the data you request, determines what data you may need and caches that. With 36 GB of available cache to use Intelligent Pre-Fetch boost the net performance of this configuration higher than normally achieved with SATA drives. The M-Series would be a perfect solution if you want SAS performance, but not the SAS price
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