Autonomous Vehicle Development

More Sensors, More Cameras, More Challenges

Advances in the development of autonomous vehicles are happening at a blistering pace. Vehicle manufacturers are racing towards the fully autonomous vehicle of tomorrow, and deploying the enabling technologies, as they’re proven out, in vehicles today. The need to stay competitive in this dynamic market is driving significant investment by the vehicle manufacturers and their technology partners.

The number of sensors and cameras mounted on vehicles continues to increase, creating increases in the volume of data being generated. The huge growth rate of test data is straining the development process in many ways, including: the interruption of tests as in-vehicle storage runs out of capacity; engineers’ access to test data is delayed due to backlogs in the upload process; storage costs are breaking program budgets; collaboration across geographic and company boundaries is difficult.

Traditional IT storage solutions cannot scale affordably to support the massive growth of data generated from these new development processes. Technology providers and manufacturers need solutions that can scale capacity on-demand and cost-effectively, while enabling easy access to data for the development team. Intelligent solutions are needed that balance performance with cost, recognizing that some data is more active than others. The promise of safer, more autonomous vehicles is exciting, and intelligent storage solutions can accelerate the delivery of that promise.

Chi Corporation and Quantum are partnering to develop solutions that offer the following benefits:



  • Lower costs of storing more data

    Store data on the right technology at the right time to optimize performance and cost.

  • Seamlessly scale to petabytes

    Manage growth (new contracts, new projects, new models, new cameras & sensors) without breaking the budget or the development process.

  • Shared access

    Increase productivity and collaboration with simultaneous file sharing via SAN and LAN, for NFS, CIFS, StorNext, S3 and HTTP REST.

  • Self-protected storage

    Set policies to create redundant copies of data for DR and data protection.

  • Fast data ingest

    Upload test data in hours, not days, for faster developer access.

  • Simple deployment

    Integrate seamlessly with existing processes and infrastructure.