Cost Effective Data Security Solutions for Manufacturers

An average of one in five manufacturing firms has experienced a loss of intellectual property, with the most serious incidents being attributed to malware. With the rise of cyber criminals using malware and ransomware, this number will only continue to increase.

Chi Corporation understands the challenges that manufacturing and engineering companies face in finding cost effective solutions for securing their intellectual property—including trade secrets, company contacts, product launch plans and more. We also understand the additional demands unique to those in the manufacturing information technology world—IT solutions must be flexible, scalable and constant. Evolving compliance requirements to store and provide fast access to ever-growing data sets to track parts and monitor supply chains demand it.

We have leading, proven data storage and backup, security and networking solutions to run your manufacturing business in a cost-efficient, transparent and agile manner. Our solutions provide the same features and added functionality at lower costs than other providers. Call us today to learn more about our solutions for the manufacturing industry.