Data & Network Security

In today’s world, major security breaches, cyber criminals, state-sponsored espionage and intellectual property theft are common occurrences. As security of data continues to be a critical issue for many companies, CHI Corporation is committed to helping businesses across multiple industries protect their valuable company data. We do this through offering leading data security solutions from vendors like Palo Alto NetworksExtreme Networks and Cylance that protect your organization from both malicious and accidental loss.

Through our data security solutions, we provide your business with:

  • Identity and access management to automatically identify and then control devices on your network
  • Application-level visibility into network traffic
  • Rules and policies control applications at the user or group level
  • IPS, IDS and Zero Day attack mitigation techniques
  • URL or web filtering
  • Spam and virus protection
  • Drive and disk encryption solutions
  • Configuration management
  • VPN solutions
  • Firewall deployment and install

Let us connect you with a security solution that is right for your business needs. Contact our team today to have a conversation.