Virtualization has revolutionized the largest data centers and the smallest office systems.

Your systems, applications, and data can be freed from the limitations inherent within traditional physical systems. Chi Corporation provides a comprehensive approach to your virtualization needs. Our storage, networking, and server virtualization solutions address your business challenges, such as a slow operating system, and leverage virtualization as a strategic asset to differentiate your business. We have put in place virtualization solutions to deliver:

  • Dramatic efficiency improvements, lowering costs
  • Reduced footprint
  • Reduced power and cooling
  • Reduced operational workloads
  • Increased up-time
  • Simplified, integrated disaster recovery and business continuity

Chi’s Virtualization Professional Services

Server and desktop virtualization allow workforces to do their jobs from anywhere at any time. But without careful management virtual machine sprawl can occur, leading to unexpected spikes in IT costs. Chi’s virtualization services allow you to: 

  • Optimize efficiency by conducting regular utilization assessments
  • Streamline physical-to-virtual machine migrations
  • Give end-users access to their desktop images from any device

Chi’s Virtualization Partners


Reimagining the future of businesses by providing a secure digital workspace that unifies apps, data and services.


Virtual data storage solutions designed to meet unique business needs and offer unprecedented scalability.


Disaster virtualization solutions delivering cloud infrastructure and business mobility.