Most of Chi’s customers live in the United States and are not subject to GDPR. However, some of our customers operate multi-nationally so we felt a statement was prudent.

1. This is not a legal document. This is simply a statement of our commitment to our customers.

2. Chi collects information on businesses and business contact information for employees who work at those businesses. Chi does not intentionally collect any personal, non-business information on anyone. Personal business contact information collected may include:
– Name
– Business Email address
– Job Title
– Company
– Business Physical Address
– Work phone number, or any other phone number provided by said contact.
– Any other information you specifically disclose to Chi Corporation.

3. Chi collects no personally identifying information passively while using our website. You may submit email addresses or other contact information through contact or registration forms, however the site does not offer any tracking facility that identifies individual customers.

4. This site uses Google Analytics and A1Webstats to identify generalized data about visitors’ businesses, but not individual visitors.

5. Chi may become aware of or exposed to your customer’s data while working on your systems. Chi conforms to NDAs in place when required by our customers. Where such agreements do not exist, Chi still treats all customer’s data with the highest regard for privacy. At no time does Chi Corporation transfer your customer’s data to our systems.*

6. Contact information is considered highly valuable to Chi Corporation, who has a vested interest in its protection. Data is stored internally in a contact database and in email systems. Basic data may be shared with Chi’s partners when a mutually beneficial relationship exists to meet a current need by the customer.

7. Chi does not share or sell any customer data to data aggregators or processors.

8. You may request access to the information we have stored on you by sending an email to and providing sufficient information to validate the request. Note however that we do not store more information than is listed above, which is what you will need to provide to validate the request.

9. You may update and correct information we store on you by contacting your sales representative via phone or email.

10. Chi Corporation deletes data that it does not have any use for.

11. You may request that Chi Corporation stops using and deletes your contact data by sending an email to and providing sufficient information to validate the request. All related data will be deleted and purged upon request.

12. Chi Corporation performs routine audits and employs various state of the art protections to protect its data. Chi Corporation retains data in on-premise servers, AWS, and Microsoft Office 365. All Chi Corporation data remains in the United States.

*Chi Corporation offers Chi Cloud Services which include services such as cloud backup. These systems have separate disclosure and privacy documents which are agreed to by both parties at the time of product sale.