Data Protection, Access, and Storage Solutions

When your business needs to identify the right solution for data access, protection, and security, turn to Chi Corporation, an experienced IT solutions company. We partner with clients across a variety of industries with leading solutions designed to alleviate their challenges and improve efficiencies for their business:

Data Backup and Recovery

If your system fails, will your essential company data be protected? Chi offers data backup and recovery solutions from partners like Commvault, Veeam, and Quantum that are designed to offer unprecedented data access and security for your organization’s operations.


Whether you manage IT for a K-12 school or a major hospital, your organization relies on simplified, agile networking. Chi partners with vendors like Extreme Networks and Dell to provide wireless, cost-effective solutions that meet your unique business challenges.

Data & Network Security

With so many threats to cyber security, data security solutions are no longer an option—they are essential. Chi recommends leading security solutions and firewalls from Palo Alto Networks, Extreme Networks, Cylance and others to best protect your business.

Data Storage

At Chi, we recognize that data storage can be among your companies most strategic assets. Explore cutting-edge solutions from Nimble Storage, Data Gravity, Kaminario, Hitachi Data Systems and others.

Autonomous Vehicles

As advances in the development of autonomous vehicles continue at a blistering pace, so does the volume of data being generated. Traditional IT storage solutions are not enough to support this growth.


The right virtualization solution can reduce your organization’s power and footprint while simplifying and integrating disaster recovery and business continuity. Chi offers virtualization solutions from industry leaders like VeeamVMware and Microsoft.

Endpoint Security

The strength of your network security is only as strong as your endpoint security. Have you secured all end-user devices used by your remote employees? Does your business have a “Bring Your Own Device” practice?

Firewall Protection

Are you looking for a new, advanced firewall for your organization? A firewall is a critical component of any data security solution, as it detects and protects your network against the harmful malware and ransomware attacks that have become prevalent.

Malware Protection

In the IT world, we know one thing for certain—malware is not going away. Encompassing various types of malicious code that infiltrates your system, ranging from spyware, viruses, and worms, malware continues to evolve and cyber criminals continue to find new ways to attack.

Ransomware Protection

The facts are sobering: Nearly 60 percent of all businesses in the United States have been hit by some form of ransomware attack.

To learn more about how these solutions can serve your business, contact Chi Corporation today to speak to a representative.