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Below is the March 2020 edition – enjoy!

Kr00k is Not a Wi-Fi Coronavirus

Kr00k – formally known as CVE-2019-15126 – is a vulnerability in Broadcom and Cypress Wi-Fi radio chips that allow unauthorized decryption of some WPA2-encrypted traffic.

This vulnerability affects all unpatched devices that use these chipsets, and it literally affects billion of Wi-Fi client devices, including Amazon Echos and Kindles, Apple iPhones and iPads, Samsung Galaxy devices and many more.

The good news is this vulnerability is low-risk, and there is no reason to panic because simple firmware patches will address the problem.

Five Tips to Optimize Your Hybrid Cloud Management

Enterprises are attracted to hybrid cloud because it enables them to mix and match on-premises infrastructure, private cloud resources and public cloud services to build a cloud architecture that best fits their needs.

But hybrid cloud management is often harder than operating within a single environment.

Explore these five best practices for managing hybrid cloud infrastructure so your IT team can optimize for reliability, performance, cost, and security.

How to Protect Backups from Ransomware

Between the rise of attack frequency and the increasing sophistication of malicious software, ransomware-specific disaster recovery solutions will be critical for businesses in 2020.

Investing in reliable backups is a great place to start, but many organizations don’t realize that backups also require protection from ransomware attacks.

Data Protection & Domino’s Pizza

Join StorageCraft and Chi Corporation for a Pizzacast on Thursday, March 26 at noon and learn how to protect your data from a ransomware attack.

We’ll discuss how you can leverage backup and data recovery processes with storage features like Continuous Data Protection, which takes immutable snapshots of the complete data set.

Plus, we’ll have a large, one-topping Domino’s pizza delivered to your office just in time for the webcast. (Ohio locations only).

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