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Below is the May 2021 edition – enjoy!

What is Ransomware As A Service?

DarkSide, the group behind the recent Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, is part of a growing group of ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) providers taking aspects of what we expect from a legitimate industry and bringing them to the front lines of cyberattacks.

It is open season for bad actors on legitimate businesses – a sobering reality check, especially in light of the continually increasing spending on security tools. 

Five Key Considerations About Backup Testing

You are only as good as your last backup so making regular backups is a keystone of any business continuity and disaster recovery strategy.

Backups, however, only protect your business if they work. This makes it vital for organizations to test backups, and do so regularly.

The growth in ransomware makes this even more important, as a clean, air-gapped backup might be the only way to restart the business after an attack.

The Client to Cloud Enterprise

Every CIO needs to adopt a cloud strategy moving some e-commerce workloads to the public cloud.
Yet, the migration path for the modern enterprise can be constrained by legacy barriers.

With mission-critical applications that run in a diverse suite of legacy mainframe to helpdesk to IoT devices, how does one get started and what does this entail?

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