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Below is the October/November 2018 edition – enjoy!

Is Your Network at a Crossroads? Mobile First is Best Choice

Your task is to build the kind of network that will enable your workforce to be as effective as possible.
Your choice is simple. You can implement a legacy-style network that is controlled in a centralized manner.
Or you can take a fresh approach that’s geared to mobility and edge networking. 



The Rising Costs of Cybersecurity Breaches

From malware to ransomware, cyberattacks become more complex and devastating with every new breach.

But external forces, such as hackers, aren’t the only problem. Insiders contributed to 46% of cybersecurity incidents in 2017. Even worse, financial losses aren’t the only costs.



What is Thin Provisioning and Should You Use It?

This month, Paul Comfort, Chi’s leading engineer, simplifies the SAN feature called Thin Provisioning.

There are two places where thin provisioning can come into play. The first is at the VMware level and the second at the SAN level. Both of these places can specify thin or thick provisioning independently of the other, assuming your SAN has the ability to do thin provisioning.




Violin Systems is Back on Top with XVS 8

Evolving workloads are driving an increasing need for tier 0 performance for relational database as well as next generation, more real-time applications in the big data analytics arena.

Vendors like Violin Systems are targeting this space with solutions that far outrun the ability of SCSI-based all-flash platforms. But what is interesting about Violin’s new XVS offering is that they combine this class of performance with a full complement of mature, enterprise data services that can be selectively applied at the volume level, allowing it to be used to cost-effectively host mixed workloads that include a variety of tier 0 as well as other primary storage environments.



Meet the Violin Team at Tap into Tech November 14

Learn more about the XVS 8 and Violin Systems’ announcement that it has signed a Letter of Intent with X-IO Technologies to acquire X-IO Storage, the division of X-IO Technologies that developed the Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) flash and hybrid storage array product lines. 

Join us Wednesday, November 14 for Tap into Tech at the Winking Lizard in Independence, OH.

Bring your IT colleagues and stop by anytime between 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm for drinks, appetizers and casual conversation – no lectures! 

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