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Below is the June 2019 edition – enjoy!

Six An Honest Approach to the Post-Breach Letter

While I’m sure you’ll find the humor in this fictional corporate “apology” to compromised customers following a data breach, it should serve as a wake up call to make sure your security, backup and disaster recovery platforms and protocols are up-to-date, relevant and tested.

Good Data Protection Can Add Value to Your Business 

Data backup and protection is a necessary but routine task for any modern business.

But what if it was possible to use this routine task as a differentiator for your business? What if you could manage your data protection in such a way that it added value to your brand?

All businesses should go through the exercise of closely examining how the business data is being protected. If nothing else, this will help you find any problem areas that have gone unnoticed.


Five Reasons to Stick with a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

For many small and medium-sized businesses, it’s practical to use a private cloud for everything from software as a service to storage infrastructure and more. With benefits like cost savings and live support, it’s tempting for enterprises to also ditch their hybrid cloud infrastructure in favor of public cloud offerings.

But before you jump ship altogether, there are still plenty of compelling reasons to stick with a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Let’s take a look.



Using Wi-Fi as the On-Ramp to 5G

Enhancements to incumbent standards often win in the marketplace over replacement approaches. 

Bearing in mind that Wi-Fi is already an inherently neutral host technology, and in light of the developments discussed in this article, it seems carriers will be motivated to work with you to leverage your investments in Wi-Fi as the most efficient means to extend coverage and deliver 5G services to their subscribers.


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