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Below is the July 2020 edition – enjoy!

What Matters Most to IT Leaders at This Time

IT priorities have shifted and IT leaders have had to pivot to help their organizations weather what was happening in the world.

Recently, over two-thousand CIOs, VPs of IT and IT directors were asked how their priorities have shifted at this time and what their biggest challenges and initiatives are for the remainder of 2020.

The results tell a story about what IT leaders are most concerned about and what IT initiatives they plan to direct budget toward in order to address their challenges and concerns.

Preparing Your Network for Life in the New Normal

As it appears COVID-19 is not leaving our communities anytime soon, it grows increasingly important to create a sustainable network for post pandemic operations.

As you adjust in your new ways of learning, working, and living at home, there is an increasing need for greater network management, dexterity, control, and data insights.


Zero-Day Vulnerability: The Unknown Threats to Your Data

A zero-day vulnerability is a security flaw in the software that is known to the software vendor, but with no patch in place to fix the flaw.

The time between discovering the flaw and releasing a patch is the sweet spot for hackers to launch zero-day attacks (exploits). It’s like a thief sneaking in through a backdoor that was accidentally left unlocked.

Victims of zero-day attacks lose revenue and reputation, without ever knowing the real reason for it.


Webcast: Spanning Dark Web Monitoring for Office 365 Backup

Join Chi and Spanning to learn more about the first backup solution for Office 365 providing integrated dark web monitoring for stolen or compromised accounts and passwords. 
Wednesday, July 21, 2020
11:30 am


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