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Below is the August 2023 edition – enjoy!

Ruining Your Favorite Heist Movie With Fabric Technology

What’s your favorite heist film? The Ocean’s 11 series? Perhaps the original Mission Impossible?

While all of these films have a common theme, the reality is that these heists could happen anywhere, anytime and are often the result of a weakened IT deployment. Often, the missing hero in these films is fabric technology.

So, how could fabric technology ruin our favorite heist flicks?


Understanding the Impact of the SEC’s New Cybersecurity Disclosure Rules

With the constant threat of cyber attacks against corporations of all sizes, SEC recently introduced new cybersecurity disclosure rules to ensure greater transparency and accountability for publicly traded companies. 

These new rules aim to modernize the existing disclosure framework, aligning it with the evolving cyber threat landscape and emphasizing the significance cybersecurity risks pose for companies, executives, boards of directors, customers, and shareholders alike. 


What’s Driving You to Move to the Cloud?

From a logistics perspective, many IT departments are challenged by space limits in their legacy data centers, and by an increasingly dispersed workforce.

From a strategic perspective, the industry is shifting more of the world’s data processing to the cloud, and there are a lot of reasons for individual organizations to follow suit.

Some of the more common reasons: to simplify collaboration across different organizations and geographies; and to take advantage of the ever-expanding suite of cloud-native applications and services.

Wherever the cloud fits in both your short and long-term plans, you’re clearly not alone in assessing your options.

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