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Below is the February 2019 edition – enjoy!

Protect Yourself and Your Company from W-2 Scams

Tax season is here and companies are compiling and distributing W-2 forms and other tax-related information to prepare for filing.

However, criminals are also thinking about tax season and ways to steal your identity, sensitive information, and hard-earned tax refunds.

These scams are often directed at departments like Human Relations, Finance, and Payroll because they have access to tax information.


Seven Reasons to Never Forward Company Email to a Personal Account

Several readers asked Paul Comfort, Chi’s Lead Engineer, to follow up his Company Email vs Personal Email article with his thoughts on forwarding company email to a personal account.

Here are seven reasons why your employees could be putting your company’s security at risk when they forward a company email to their personal account.


Should Jetson Technology be Running on Flintstone Networking?

In the world of cartoons, the Jetsons represent the “Space Age” and the Flintstones represent the “Stone Age.”

You can make the argument that modern day networking offers the same parallels.

The technology running on our networks might be Jetson quality, yet the networks themselves are from the Flintstone era.



Designing Autonomous Infrastructure

What can we learn about the future of IT infrastructure through understanding the levels of automation required for self-aware, self-optimizing, self-driving cars?

The four levels of a vehicle’s autonomy have some interesting parallels to where we need to be with infrastructure software platforms to support the mission-critical demands of the IoT and hybrid cloud.



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