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Below is the November/December  2018 edition – enjoy!

Get Off Your Lazy NAS with Intelligent Data Management

The challenges of data growth are plentiful. Organizations find themselves preserving data for longer periods of time while more stakeholders require access to historical data in real-time. In an effort to reduce costs, too many organizations move data into “siloed” tiers where it becomes difficult to search or use.

But you don’t have to. There’s a better way to reduce your storage costs and harness your data.


Disaster Recovery Testing and How to Get it Right

Too many organizations implement backup and disaster recovery solutions and assume they’re prepared to face any eventuality. After all, the solution vendor promised data recovery in minutes.

Well, that’s great, but we simply can’t emphasize enough how important it is to validate your solutions and processes. You need to find your points of failure and fix them before a real disaster strikes.


Company Email vs Personal Email

This month, Paul Comfort, Chi’s leading engineer, discusses the dangers of using your company email for personal use.

Among the many reasons Paul states in this article are your email and your intellectual property are not your own. Read your company policies. You will likely find that anything created, stored, or processed on company equipment is owned by the company. This means that the idea you had for a startup that you emailed to a friend can be taken and used by the business whose email you used.



Threat Hunting Meets the Challenges of a Tenacious Adversary

Dealing with an active, dedicated adversary during an incident is very different than what many consider the more “traditional” incident response process of finding and removing malware.

The traditional approach to incident response has been to remove the malware, or to go as far as re-imaging the system and placing it back into service in a “known-clean” state. 

However, dedicated adversaries are adept at persisting within a compromised infrastructure and because of this, the speed at which organizations detect and respond to these threats is critical.

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Beer, Cheer & Southern Tier

Join the Western Digital and Chi teams for a great night of beer and cheer at Southern Tier Brewing Company in Cleveland.

We’ll enjoy some great food, taste some amazing beers and learn more about Southern Tier’s offerings through a beer flight hosted by Southern Tier’s head brewer, Jason Comeaux. Plus, we’ll give you a 64-ounce growler to fill up with your favorite beer and take home! Space is limited.

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