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Below is the May 2022 edition – enjoy!

Why SD-WAN Savings: Fact or Fairytale?

SD-WANs are often hyped as the happy ending to the headache known as high-cost multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) networks.

SD-WANs have been pitched as everything from magic cost-reducers to instant cloud-enablers. But how much of that is true and how much is fairy tale?

Let’s take a look at five tales that are being told about SD-WAN solutions today.

Click Happens: How to Recognize and Prevent a Phishing Attack

Phishing preys on the trusting nature of human beings and the increasing pace and busyness of modern life.

It’s easy to be tricked into clicking on a nefarious link when you are in a hurry. And it’s not just email you have to worry about. Phishing attacks also come via text message (smishing) and voice calls (vishing).

These techniques can be used in combination with each other or on their own to fool users into installing malware onto their devices without knowing it.


Canines & Chi at Terrestrial Brewing

Chi’s Tap into Tech is going to the dogs! Bring your well-behaved dog to Terrestrial Brewing and we’ll give you some delicious beers and your best friend a personalized dog bandanna! 

Join the Chi and Extreme Networks teams on Wednesday, June 22 for beer, food and casual conversations – no sales presentations!

Wednesday, June 22, 2022
Stop by anytime between 4:00 – 6:00 pm

Terrestrial Brewing
7524 Father Frascati Drive
Cleveland, OH 44102


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