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Below is the October 2021 edition – enjoy!

Reinforce Your Cybersecurity Operations and Compliance with XDR

Basing your organizations’ security program on the minimum-security controls may be a compliance strategy, but is not a sensible security strategy.

Today’s adversaries are sophisticated, and they enjoy deep-pockets, but which security controls should organizations actually invest? 

7 Talking Points for 5G vs Wi-Fi

There is so much money at stake in cellular generational shifts that we have been washed away in marketing. It’s difficult to know what to actually believe.

Here are seven talking points to consider when thinking and talking about Wi-Fi and 5G.


Rewriting the Genetic Code of Storage

Change is constant, and when it comes to storage arrays, it should be effortless. It should not introduce additional risk to your business.

Three characteristics define the storage species emerging from the pressures of the era of change: efficiency, resiliency and agility.

While all three terms are deeply ingrained in the DNA of storage, evolutionary pressure is hard at work to dramatically rewrite the code that defines each.

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