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Below is the January 2023 edition – enjoy!

Is 2023 the Year of Cloud Repatriation?

Many regard repatriating data and applications back to enterprise data centers from a public cloud provider as an admission that someone made a big mistake moving the workloads to the cloud in the first place.

Many enterprises made a deliberate business decision at the time to absorb the additional costs of running lifted-and-shifted applications on public clouds. Now, based on today’s business environment and economics, many enterprises will make a simple decision to bring some workloads back into their data center.


4 Types of Security Scans Every Organization Needs to Use

Yearly or quarterly vulnerability scanning is no longer sufficient to detect risks in an IT system. An organization needs a proactive, 24×7 continuous defense to stand a chance against cybercriminals incessantly probing the network. 

Continuous network scanning reduces potential damage — financial or otherwise.

We’ll look at four different types of network scans your organization should consider.


Three SD-WAN: Your Network Edge Superhero

In the digital world, they are evil elements that infiltrate our networks and devices and prevent them from performing as expected. We’re talking about latency, delay, jitter, congestion, and, of course, hackers. They are bad guys that keep us from getting our work done or steal valuable information.

Your IT team needs a superhero to fend off the evil that moves around cyberspace. They need someone (or something) to call on to eliminate the threats to success created by those network villains.


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