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Below is the October 2020 edition – enjoy!

Time to Move Past Traditional 3-2-1 Backups

The 3-2-1 backup strategy has helped prevent data losses for an untold number of organizations. But just like any technology it’s ripe for an update.

Ransomware is the driving force behind our reasoning. If you get hit by a successful attack, every second that your systems are down is painful.

But the most glaring problem with the traditional 3-2-1 backup rule is that your backups could become compromised, too, and you might not be able to recover your data at all. And, turning to tape backups for recovery may make it impossible for you to meet your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) because they are so slow.

Secuing the Cloud Why SIEM Is Not Right For SAAS Security

On-prem SIEM configurations are not intended for hybrid cloud environments, where the perimeter is blurred as users access SaaS applications from anywhere and on multiple devices.

As a result of the cloud-derived complexities, many organizations simply give up on the idea of using SIEM to get visibility into their cloud infrastructure.

That creates additional risk exposure, since cloud providers are not accountable for security of your cloud assets.


The Next Generation of Cognitive Campus Workspaces

Campus networks are undergoing another massive transition in the COVID teleworking era. With this fundamental shift, and as administrators consider an interconnected IoT environment, the boundary between the office, home, teleworker and user is converging.

Security concerns with ever-increasing threat vectors are substantiated. How does one secure an IoT environment and guard against malware and outbreaks? How is the network impacted as some workloads shift to the cloud? Why do we cope with wired and wireless silos?



Talk with Arista Networks and Chi Corporation

Arista’s product family is designed for storage data centers. We implement high-performance compute clusters and enterprise networks while consolidating disparate SAN solutions into a common, low-cost and high-speed IP storage network.

If your network is struggling to support your growing data and analytical needs, let’s talk. In fact, we’ll give you a $50 Amazon gift card for a 30-minute virtual or in-person meeting with Chi and Arista.


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