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Below is the July-August 2022 edition – enjoy!

You Might be an SD-WAN Candidate if . . . 

As the era of remote work takes flight, and the infinite enterprise extends wings to touch all points of the globe, SD-WAN is a critical building block.  

You might want to consider SD-WAN if:

  • Your business is rapidly expanding or diverse geographically.
  • Your organization is looking toward cloud migration.
  • Your business suffers from frequent network disruptions. 

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The State of Industrial Security in 2022 report captures perspectives on industrial internet of things (IIoT)/ operational technology (OT) security projects, implementation challenges, security incidents, technology investments, and a variety of issues related to cybersecurity risks.

The survey includes responses from 800 senior IT managers, senior IT security managers, and project managers responsible for IIoT/OT in their organization.



A Belt and Suspenders Approach to Data Protection

You won’t win any fashion awards for wearing a belt and suspenders, but the combination can save you from being caught with your pants down.

Data loss, or the inability to access your data can destroy an organization and the team responsible for it. In IT, belt and suspenders is a term used to describe the maximum level of data protection and safety.

More specifically, it means having redundant safety methods in place to eliminate risk: both a belt (bucket replication) AND suspenders (durability and availability) for holding up your pants.

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