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Below is the February 2024 edition – enjoy!

The Debate Over 5G or Wi-Fi – It Can Be Both

On the morning of Feb. 21, 1.7 million consumers and businesses lost cell and Internet service across the U.S. Several providers such as AT&T and Verizon reported outages for an extended period of time – leaving consumers frustrated and many businesses that rely primarily on 5G cellular service at a standstill.

It was a quick and painful reminder that in our fast-moving and ever-changing world of technology and on-demand expectations, there is still a need for both 5G and Wi-Fi.

The Data Loss that Will Hurt Your Business the Most

For cybersecurity to be fully effective, it needs senior executive level support. And risk is the language all business leaders understand. When it comes to ensuring a robust, compliant approach to data privacy and protection, business leaders need to know “what would happen if …” they lost valuable data.

Not all data loss carries the same level of business risk. This matters because it enables organizations to focus their security resources accordingly.


Industry Trends Impacting Cloud Storage Pricing

Cloud storage is big business, a $100+ billion market on track to quadruple by the end of the decade. Use of the technology is broad, with cloud storage providers catering to consumers, small businesses, and enterprises alike.

With this size and breadth comes a lot of variation, and not a small amount of complexity in cloud storage pricing.

This article explores how cloud storage services are priced, and how new trends such as AI and edge computing are affecting cloud storage prices.

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