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Below is the July 2018 edition – enjoy!

Six Reasons to Reconsider Cisco

There’s no question that Cisco is the big dog when it comes to network solutions. But like a regal and older Great Dane, Cisco tends to be content with the large dish of customers in front of them, deciding to conserve their energy instead of spending it on research and development, causing them to be reactive instead of proactive to changing environments and customer needs.

And, while Cisco might still be the lead dog, there’s a scrappy contender who continues to nip at Cisco’s heels and whose bite is becoming just as big as its bark.


Spam, Phishing and Spear Phishing – What’s the Difference?

While most of us know to quickly delete any email from a Saudi price wishing to give us his vast inheritance, hackers and IT criminals have become much savvier and determined in their intent to steal our identities and financial information.

Chi’s lead engineer, Paul Comfort, explains why it’s important you and your employees are able to identify the differences between spam, phishing and spear phishing.


Do Your Primary Storage and Data Center Economics Need a Transformation?

Historically, achieving high throughput and lower latency meant over provisioning hardware or using software to mitigate, but not fully eliminate performance issues. These workarounds have high CAPEX and OPEX costs and still don’t meet the requirements for cost-effective primary storage in 21st-century businesses.


Cybercriminals are Working Hard to Take Over Your Email Account

Chances are you’d be more inclined to open and act on an email from a colleague, friend or someone you know as opposed to someone you don’t.

Cybercriminals know this, which is why they are sending attacks to your friends and colleagues—from your email account.


What’s on Your Mind?

Chi is conducting a series of short surveys to assess satisfaction with current IT business applications. This month we have two separate surveys – a security survey and a network survey.

If you’d like a chance to win a $250 Amazon gift card, please include your contact information at the end of the surveys; otherwise you may choose to remain anonymous.

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