Storage Solutions for Video Surveillance

Pivot3’s hyperconverged infrastructure delivers software-defined SAN storage and server infrastructure in cost-effective, off-the-shelf server hardware. Purpose-built for demanding, data-intensive video surveillance workloads, Pivot3 provides the highest levels of performance, resiliency and availability so critical video surveillance data is stored without loss, protected from any failures and always available when and where it is needed most.

Eliminate Data Loss
Purpose-built to handle the unique requirements of modern video surveillance workloads, Pivot3 eliminates frame drops to ensure video loss and image degradation
never occur. Every HCI appliance’s capacity and performance resources are aggregated and available to every camera, so you can be confident that cameras will get the sustained performance they require, even when major hardware failures occur.

Scale On-Demand
Deploy Pivot3 with only the server and storage resources you currently need, minimizing cost and overprovisioning. As camera counts grow and new technologies are integrated, scale storage, compute
and bandwidth linearly, and non disruptively, as each additional appliance is added.

Maximize Uptime
Ensure video data, applications and integrated systems remain available and accessible, even in the event that disks or an HCI appliance is unavailable with Pivot3’s data protection and failover technology. Storage will remain online, virtual servers automatically restart, and recorded video will remain protected and accessible, all without the need for redundant software, licensing or hardware.

Simplify Management
Managing separate storage, server and management interfaces for video surveillance is complex and time-consuming. With Pivot3, servers and storage are virtualized into a single surveillance infrastructure designed to run video management, access control, analytics and related applications. A simple, centralized user-interface and automated administrative functions mean no specialized skills are needed to manage this enterprise-class infrastructure.

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