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Nimble Storage Provides Reliability, Scalability, and Increased Performance

A central need of any business is data storage. Today, the needs of business enterprises have far exceeded the capabilities of disk and Flash storage platforms, yet many businesses are still struggling within the confines of these legacy platforms. Businesses seeking a comprehensive storage and security solution should look to Nimble Storage. Consider these benefits of Nimble Storage in effectively meeting business enterprise needs:

  • Storage is no longer a pain point. Many businesses find storage to be a central point of pain for their organization. With constant data growth and a need to run demanding applications, there is an unprecedented need for storage that provides reliability and data protection. Storage can be expensive, hard to scale and difficult to manage, and traditional storage solutions, such as disk applications, no longer provide adequate efficiency. While Flash-only solutions can be faster, they can also be significantly more expensive. Nimble has combined the best assets of disk and Flash systems into a singular storage platform.
  • Businesses have greater storage capacity. The Nimble solution innovatively allows organizations to store 30 to 75 percent more data in the same amount of space, allow significant scalability.
  • Your data is never at risk. In the past, your organization may have needed to seek data security solutions separate from your storage. With Nimble Storage, backup and data recovery is integrated into every system, including fully integrated disaster recovery.
  • You can scale your storage to meet your needs. A central benefit of Nimble is that it is designed to be scalable. In fact, Nimble offers businesses 5 times the capacity and performance of a traditional storage system.
  • Business operations are simplified. Nimble leverages the cloud with Nimble Storage Infosight. Data points are fed into an analytics engine in the cloud. This data is used to provide you with a variety of easily understood reports and alerts, such as when you may need to increase capacity or scale to meet performance targets.

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