Are you leading with endpoint security?

If end-user devices are not secured, any smartphone, tablet or laptop becomes a potential entry point for a cyber threat. Business Solutions recapped some of the top reasons to lead with endpoint security, particularly for small businesses, on their blog. One of the central reasons is the reality of the Internet of Things:

“You’ve heard about hackers taking over everything from baby monitors to automobiles. If there’s a device connected to a network, it can be targeted. We all expect, and demand, connectivity for these devices, but as the Internet of Things becomes a reality, it opens up exponentially more holes in security. Malware developers are actively seeking these additional vectors and end users may not grasp their risk.” You can read the full article at Business Solutions.

IT Pro Portal recently noted that some industrial systems are particularly vulnerable to attack as they have been historically poorly protected: “These systems often aren’t air-gapped (or isolated) from the public-facing Internet, and sometimes run on outdated, legacy computer platforms. The mission criticality of these systems makes patching incredibly problematic, meaning many are wide open to potentially very dangerous exploits.”

CHI Corporation understands the very real threat of cyber attackers to vulnerable systems and has partnered with leading endpoint security solution providers in the industry. Contact us to learn more about the steps your organization can take to ensure adequate, comprehensive endpoint security.