The Bat Signal looks a little different these days.  Criminals are spending less time robbing banks by blowing up the safe while wearing a clown mask, and more time using the internet and a network connection to wreak havoc on the world’s economy.  The world will always need heroes, and this could be your chance.  The world is hiring cyber security experts at an astounding rate!

A recent article published by Chief highlighted the staggering fact that the unemployment rate in the field of Cyber Security is 0%.  What that means is that everyone with a degree or expertise is already working, and there are roughly a million more jobs available for experts in the field.  The door is wide open to a new breed of cyber security analysts because by 2021, network breaches will account for about $6 trillion dollars in lost revenue worldwide.  To combat that, companies are expected to dish out about $1 trillion dollars to hire, train and equip the world’s cyber security forces.

Technology will play a vital role, of course, but the world needs experts to battle the bad guys, and the new superhero will sit behind a computer monitor.  So what can a hero in training do to prep for the role of a life time as a cyber defender?  Here are some things you can do to help land a cyber security job:

  • Earn Your Cape – Get Certified.

A bachelor’s degree will help, but you really need certification to seal the deal.  CISSP (Certified Information Security Professional) training would net you the highest average salary, accounting for about 21% of all Cybersecurity postings.

  • Play Robin Before You Play Batman.

Intern or volunteer with an IT company, or even at your local college.  Find a local expert and put in some time getting to know the field first-hand in a way that text books can’t teach.

  • Get To Know The Justice League.

Just like any other field, you’ll need to know some people to get the job.  Find seminars and conferences in your area that deal with cyber security and get to know the people that do the hiring.  Set yourself up for success by building relationships.

Batman wouldn’t be able to do much without his utility belt.  Let Chi Corporation equip you with all of the technology you need to store and product your company’s data.  Our heroes are our expert team, and they are ready to hear from you.  Contact us for all of your networking and data storage needs today.