Funding for many school districts is at an all-time low, and there are many difficult decisions to be made regarding budget cuts.  Some districts have decided that data storage and backup is less critical than other elements on the budget sheet. But there is value beyond the surface for maintaining a quality data storage and backup process in your district’s IT strategy.

  • Recovery of Lost Data Can Be Costly

The corruption of data is a huge, looming threat.  In some cases it can be impossible to retrieve lost information and attempting to do so can put further strain on your district’s budget.  Data recovery systems help mitigate your risks and make it more likely to retrieve that information, regardless of the threat.

  • Antiquated Data Storage and Recovery Systems Can Be Costing You Money

Many districts are still storing files on disks and tapes.  A switch to a cloud-based system might be more cost-effective and might even help you save physical space in your buildings.  Central storage of some data might still be required, but the less physical data storage necessary, the better.

  • New Data Storage and Backup Techniques Mean Less Payroll Hours

In many school districts, data storage is often the responsibility of district staff.  By switching to a cloud-based provider it often releases the tedious chore of manually backup data to a more automated process in the cloud.

What is the right solution for your district?  CHI Corporation has the right team in place to assess your needs.  Let one of our team members help you explore your school district’s data storage options today.