Does your organization need to find a virtualization solution that is right for the unique needs of your business? Sometimes finding the right solution can seem like a guessing game:

“While most people can tell whether they’re getting a good deal on a gallon of milk or a new car, sizing a virtual desktop infrastructure can still be a challenge, even for seasoned IT veterans. With so many options to choose from in terms of server and storage infrastructure, hypervisor and connection broker software, and thin or zero client endpoints, picking the right solution for a virtual desktop environment can be daunting. Often companies over spend or under configure as their user base expands or new product lines require additional resources. Fortunately, Dell along with VMWare and Intel® has designed several end-to-end solutions that take the guesswork out of client virtualization.”

Read the full whitepaper from Dell and VMWare here.

Discover how CHI helped First United Bank & Trust consolidate their environment by implementing VMWare.

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