It may be hard for some of us to imagine, but a day will come when the majority of cars on our roads and highways are driving themselves. These autonomous, or self-driving, cars have the capability of sensing their environment and navigating without human input through the use of many different, complex cameras and sensors.

In the months and years to come, autonomous vehicle development will continue to be on the rise—and in the news.

A recent sample:

“By 2020, 10 million cars on the road are expected to have self-driving features, reflecting the continuing move toward an IoT-based world and advances in artificial intelligence (AI). Designing autonomous vehicles requires the ability to harness massive amounts of camera and sensor data, analyze it, and apply AI technology. As with any AI application, the more data it has, the smarter it can become. In the past, one of the biggest hurdles for AI was processing power, but storage has increasingly become the limiting factor.” – Business Solutions

“The development and operation of autonomous vehicles are both data intensive processes requiring a comprehensive data management plan… A well designed data management plan will benefit the vehicle manufacturers’ ability to advance the technology and to respond promptly to new events, ultimately improving vehicle performance and safety.” – IOT Tech News

“With multiple test vehicles on tracks and public roads each day, generating multiple TBs of data, it’s critical that manufacturers have a good data management plan. That includes appropriate in-vehicle storage capacity to complete test cycles without interruption, then getting that data quickly ingested to the development system for engineering analysis and modeling, and finally retaining and protecting the data for back-testing and for regulatory and legal purposes.” – Manufacturing Business Technology

The consensus? It is all about the data.

Data storage solutions with both the capabilities and capacities demanded by autonomous vehicles will be critical to their continuing development, as well as to the overall safety of the vehicles. Quantum has developed a unique combination of specialized storage solutions, and CHI Corporation has recognized this growing technology need, and the companies have partnered to provide data storage and management solutions for the automotive industry.

CHI Corporation is proud to serve as an autonomous/ADAS storage specialist, backed by Quantum’s leading solutions. If you are interested in learning more, please contact our team.