network security

Network Security Solutions

With all the vital personal and business data being shared on computer networks every day, security has become one of the most essential aspects of networking. Network security not only protects your proprietary information from an attack – ultimately, it protects your reputation.

Hackers and intruders will continue to find new ways to launch threats and it’s important that you align with a network security solutions provider that is constantly evolving its technology to meet the threats of today . . . and tomorrow.

Industry-leading network security and end-to-end data protection.


A leading data security platform offering unprecedented threat protection.

Chi Corporation can help you address all your network security needs, including:


Access control

Behavioral analytics


Network segmentation

Web security

Antivirus and anti-malware software

Data loss prevention

Intrusion prevention systems

Security information and event management

Wireless security

Application security

Email security

Mobile device security