Every day our customers release vital information about themselves to companies that they assume are going to protect their data like they would protect it themselves.  The assumption is that every business they interact with is up to date and knowledgeable on cybersecurity.  The reality is that there are many companies who simply don’t know how to protect that information, and they are putting our most precious and secure data at risk.  Here are some very basic tips to help you, the small business, protect the data that customers entrust you with:

  • Don’t Keep More Info Than You Need

The less data you are keeping long term the better.  Take information that is critical, and perform frequent updates to purge data that is no longer important to pending business.

  • Protect and Serve

You and your employees should take an oath to protect and serve the data on file from your customers.  Make sure that you give access to sensitive information to employees only when it is absolutely required for their job—critical personnel only.  Make sure they are using unique and complex passwords and changing them frequently. Consider increasing the authentication procedures on more sensitive pieces of information.

  • Don’t Show Them The Money

Your computer contains files that are, in essence, a bank vault.  Cybersecurity is the armored car of the digital economy.  Make sure that you have adequate security in place to assure the safe storage of all sensitive credit card and financial information.

  • Bring in Some Help

The best solution is to hire an expert to walk your company through the proper steps to securing all of your data, from the basics like email addresses to the sensitive pieces like payment information.  Your customers deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are doing all that you can to keep their private information safe and guarded.

CHI Corporation is an industry leader in helping businesses both small and large protect their clients’ information.  For an assessment of your company’s data and network security and innovative strategies on improving your procedures, contact a member of our team today and give your customers’ the most secure experience possible.