The World’s Leading Cloud-Based Provider of Internet Security for K-12 Schools

Securly is the industry’s first and only 100% cloud-based web filtering solution that is focused on student safety beyond CIPA compliance. Securly is designed to provide protection for any device, anywhere, and completely replace the existing web filter appliance.

We equip schools for the future by providing the following key value propositions for both IT admins and parents:

  • Being cloud-based allows 24/7 protection for students, with native support for any device, anywhere – onsite or off-site.
  • Elimination of bandwidth bottlenecks, allowing virtually unlimited scalability without added latency.
  • Securly takes as little as 5 minutes to deploy, saving considerable time and money in comparison to appliance alternatives.
  • Provides user authentication and control, with reporting – both onsite and offsite.

Our unique approaches to take student safety beyond basic CIPA compliance involve:

  • Enabling the safe educational use of modern social media and search tools such as Google, YouTube, Wikipedia both in the classroom and at home.
  • Allowing delegated IT admins, principals, and parents to know what kids are searching for on Google, watching on Youtube, or saying on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms to detect any negative sentiments such as bullying, stalking, or self-harm and notify the parents and relevant school staff about any disturbing behavior detected.

Works with All Devices

Securly works with all devices including Chromebooks, iPads, Windows tablets, laptops, Macbooks, and Android tablets.

Educator-Focused Features

Unlike appliance-based competitors that focus on enterprise security, Securly is designed exclusively to meet the needs of K-12 schools.

Delightful SSL Handling

Securly’s selective SSL decryption elegantly solves the SSL throughput issues that plague most appliance-based web filters. We decrypt only a handful of social media sites that are required to be blocked for students for CIPA compliance, but fall in the gray area where staff members could potentially need them.

Blended GAfE & Active Directory Single Sign-on

As the first filter to offer single sign-on through Google Apps for Education
(GAfE) and Active Directory accounts, Securly enables users to log-on once and not have to remember additional usernames and passwords.

Work with Our Trusted Partners

Chi Corporation is a proud partner to some of the leading data storage, access, and backup solutions providers in the global IT industry. We value these partners for their ingenuity, their commitment to remaining on the forefront of the industry, and their unending dedication to creating better, faster and more cost effective solutions for our clients.

If you have questions or uncertainties regarding the right provider for your data needs, we should have a conversation. Let us know your greatest concerns, struggles, and worries, and we will help you find a real, workable solution to your challenges. When you work with CHI Corporation and one of our trusted partners, you will receive the highest level of customer service and a strong commitment to help you through every single stage of the process, from initial solution selection to post-implementation.