Pioneering Real-Time Cyber Situational Awareness

Modern enterprise IT infrastructure is virtualized, leveraging private, public or hybrid “clouds” consisting of internal and external compute resources. And increasingly, enterprise network users are doing business on mobile platforms – smartphones, tablets, and notebooks. Traditional security and vulnerability assessment (VA) products already miss at least 40% of what was physically hardwired to the network because they don’t search for the unknown. Additionally, since VA scans stop, take too long to complete or consume too much network resource, they are often performed outside of normal business hours.  This means IT security teams fail to gain cyber visibility into those mobile, virtual and cloud assets that simply aren’t present at the time the VA scan is looking.

Lumeta Spectre

Lumeta Spectre, formerly ESI, offers real-time, context-driven security intelligence to address these problems. By enhancing Lumeta’s Recursive Network Indexing techniques with the context of network state change via analysis of network control plane protocols (OSPF, BGP, ARP, DHCP, DNS, ICMPv6, and others),

Lumeta Spectre is able to provide authoritative cyber situational awareness, in real-time, as mobile, virtual, cloud assets and even the physical/software-defined network itself changes.

Lumeta Spectre for IoT/ICS

The Internet of Things (IoT) is disrupting the thinking of what is actually networked. Its enabling greater centralized control and management over more and more services. A category of IoT is focused squarely on enabling Industrial Control Systems (ICS) associated with manufacturing and utilities to take advantage of IP-based networking.

Lumeta brings organizations concerned about IoT and ICS infrastructure Cyber Situational Awareness by providing unmatched real-time network visibility, context, breach and segmentation analytics to understand changes to infrastructure in real-time, segmentation violations and dangerous leak paths between IT and OT environments but also to the Internet.

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