Many executives and business owners allow their IT employees to go about their daily operations without ever realizing the opportunities that exist for operational cost savings, improved efficiency and greater reliability in a data storage platform. What if bottlenecks, slow load times, and high costs with low ROI didn’t have to be the norm for your organization?

At CHI Corporation, we help business owners and executives realize the benefits of a better, more agile data storage platform: the Kaminario K2 Storage Array. This all-flash array delivers predictability, scalability, and cost efficiency—highly valuable for businesses looking to reduce costs and improve operations.

Why choose the K2 Storage platform for your organization? The K2 Storage array:

  • Is designed to scale up easily, without sacrificing performance and without disruption to your operations.
  • Offers consistent performance in mixed workload environments, resulting in a quality user experience.
  • Delivers predictable pricing on a dollar per effective capacity basis.
  • Is engineered for simplicity—for example, it’s simple for IT professionals to work with and manage.

Companies using the K2 Storage Array are able to consolidate their performance-sensitive workloads and see a significant return on investment, including these benefits:

  • Resolve application performance issues 33% faster than your current system.
  • Spend 58% less time monitoring storage and balancing application workloads for performance.
  • Enjoy the predicted 5-Year Savings and Benefits for a modeled organization: $564,000.
  • See a 82% ROI over 5 years for performance-critical database and analytics consolidation.

CHI Corporation specialists can provide more details about implementing the Kaminario K2 Storage Array for your business. Contact our team to schedule an initial conversation or product demo.