TechTarget recently made the case for an all-flash data center:

“Companies should ditch hard disk drives and outfit their data centers entirely with flash storage; vendors have solved old solid-state problems, such as wear time and cost. In the early days of flash, prices were high, and drives wore out within a couple of years. Now, drive prices are much lower, and the wear-out issue is effectively behind us; every company should have an all-flash data center.” – TechTarget

When it comes to data storage, we agree—it’s time to move to an all-flash data center. CHI Corporation speaks with many businesses seeking to make the shift from antiquated software to all-flash, and their hopes for the move are similar:

  • Higher performance
  • Greater scalability
  • More cost efficiency

To achieve their performance, scalability, and cost efficiency goals, we help these businesses implement Kaminario’s 6th generation all-flash storage platform—the backbone of an all-flash data center. The K2 Gen6 all-flash storage is the only flexible scale-up and scale-out shared architecture available on the market today, and offers users these unique benefits:

  • 2x performance increase to 25GB/s throughput and 1.5M+ IOPS at less than 1ms latency
  • Seamless, guaranteed scale from 30TB to up to 4PB in a single shared backend architecture
  • 25% more data reduction efficiencies, making $.50/GB at scale a reality

Let CHI, together with Kaminario, help you make these benefits of all-flash storage a reality for your business. Contact CHI to get started.