Enterprise Storage at the Speed of Memory

IntelliFlash Data Storage Platform combines the speed of solid-state memory with a comprehensive set of data services.  Western Digital’s IntelliFlash OS is a fast, flexible operating environment designed to leverage different grades of storage media—DRAM, NVDIMM, NVMe and SAS NAND flash, HDD, etc.—in a single storage array.

IntelliFlash understands the inherent characteristics of different storage media and intelligently manages the placement of data to deliver memory-like performance with the best possible economics. It also includes advanced data services, multi-protocol support, and flexible management capabilities, enabling you to significantly shrink your storage footprint, maximize uptime, consolidate workloads, and simplify storage administration.


With the world’s data becoming increasingly real-time in nature, faster decisions make for faster profits. IntelliFlash architecture is designed to deliver consistent, high-speed data access to all your applications in the enterprise.


Consolidate all types of data – random, sequential, big, fast – on to IntelliFlash platform and eliminate storage silos. Shrink your storage footprint and achieve maximum cost savings.


Our software-defined storage platform delivers plug-n-play simplicity in scaling. You can mix and match NVMe, flash, and HDD to optimize your storage for performance and scale without downtime or disruption.

One Flash Platform. Any Work Load.

IntelliFlash Cloud Data Platform harnesses the performance of NVMe SSDs and the economics of high-density flash, giving data-center leaders the opportunity to build a private cloud that delivers on all of the benefits of on-premises IT—but at a better cost than the public cloud. IntelliFlash Cloud Data Platform is the most comprehensive platform for managing enterprise and cloud data. Choose from an extensive range of IntelliFlash arrays for any data environment.


High Capacity
Balanced Performance

All Flash

High Performance
Low Latency

NVMe Flash

Extreme Performance
Lowest Latency

Dense Flash

Massive Density
High Performance

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