The Power to Support Today’s Modern Learning Environment


Scale Computing brings together virtualization, servers, storage, and backup/disaster recovery into a single solution. Highly automated with machine intelligence, HC3 infrastructure is built to eliminate downtime and be easy to manage for any computing environment.

As educational institutions face the growing demands of modern learning, HC3 delivers agile, always-on IT across a variety of environments. Using cutting-edge technologies, the HC3 uses self-healing and automation to maximize application uptime and performance, simplify management, and protect data. Simply put: Your two biggest costs in IT are downtime and people. The HC3 platform addresses both.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Self-healing technology allows systems to run autonomously, even in remote, unmanned edge computing environments. How many hours a day your IT professionals spending just to keep your infrastructure running, and on routine tasks, like monitoring performance and doing updates? With HC3, automation keeps management time to a minimum, which keeps your ongoing costs lower than any other infrastructure solution.

Maximum Uptime

Educational institutions require powerful systems that can run workloads with efficiency and speed. HC3 allows you to manage any workload of any size, while leaving more resources available for learning. Server and storage are combined to provide one platform for your applications, with backup, disaster recovery, and failover built in, and managed automatically.


  • Deploys in less than an hour
  • Deploy new applications in seconds
  • Single pane, web-based management
  • Cloud-based management of remote sites and workloads
  • Automated storage management
  • No-downtime system updates for hardware and software
  • Single vendor support experience


  • Scale-out without downtime
  • Seamless scale-out with automated storage configuration
  • Mix and match hardware appliances
  • Deployments as small as a single server through large clusters.
  • Deployable on hardware designed for the edge, including very small, lightweight systems.
  • Scale-out for higher VM performance


  • Redundant critical hardware components
  • Automatic failover of applications from a failed appliance
  • Automatic data restriping for failed disks
  • Highly available VMs/applications
  • Intelligent self-healing automation
  • Integrated Disaster Recovery, backup, Replication and failover to remote systems

Large School District Successfully Deploys Remote Work Solution in One Hour

The New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation is a public school district and has operated as a separate governmental unit since 1956. Located in Floyd County, Indiana, the district’s enrollment totals approximately 12,000 students in pre-kindergarten through high school programs, and employs more than 1200 full-time personnel. 

When the school district needed to support immediate work from home solutions in response to COVID-19, they turned to Scale Computing and were able to quickly and securely have all their administrative staff working from home with remote desktop access on their existing IT infrastructure in just a few days following a one hour deployment. Read the full press release. 

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