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Archiving - Email and File
Archiving solves the fundamental data volume problem. You archive because you want to have access to the data at some point in the future, so you store it away. This can create cost and administration problems as applications and file storage systems are constantly growing and the need for managing more data becomes more complex.

Today’s organizations are facing exponential growth in the amount of data that they are required to store and access. It is estimated that over the next five years, digital archive capacity will grow over 1000% (or 10 times), from 2.5 exabytes (EB) to 27EB of the capacity required today.

Along with this explosive increase in the amount of data being stored, the scrutiny surrounding the security and proper use of that data is also growing. A good portion of this data is unstructured, such as everyday office documents stored on network shares or as attachments in e-mail systems, which makes it harder to manage the data growth. Together, these trends are forcing data archive and compliance to the top of the list of business challenges for many of today’s organizations.

Chi Corporation addresses the challenges of archiving mission-critical data and meeting compliance standards and can propose an ideal architecture for archive and compliance solutions.

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