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Backup Hardware and Software
Chi offers a wide range of backup technologies that can be incorporated into your IT environment to meet your company’s specific backup requirements. Chi specializes in designing backup solutions that can be scaled easily and cost effectively.

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) is different from traditional backup in that you don't have to specify the point in time from which you would like to recover until you are ready to recover data. Traditional backups restore data to the point at which the backup was taken. With continuous data protection, there are no backup schedules. When data is written to disk, it is also asynchronously written to a second location allowing you to restore to fixed intervals such as 1 minute, 1 hour or 24 hours.

A Virtual Tape Library (VTL) is a disk storage virtualization technology deployed specifically for backup and disaster recovery functions. A VTL presents tape libraries and tape drives for use with existing backup software. Behind the scenes, the tapes presented through the emulated libraries and drives reside on disk (random media) rather than tape (sequential media). Virtualizing the disk storage as tape allows for easy integration with existing backup software and existing backup/recovery processes and policies. The benefits of such virtualization include storage consolidation as well as faster data backup and restore.

Tape backup technology has been utilized for over 70 years as a backup storage system. Today, tapes are packaged as cartridges or cassettes. These tapes are written to or read from through tape drive technologies such as LTO and DLT. Beyond the single tape drive, autoloaders and tape libraries are frequently used to automate cartridge handling. When storing large amounts of data, tape can be substantially less expensive than disk or other data storage options as a high capacity medium for backup and archive. Tape drive and tape media technologies continue to evolve and the standard error correction and compression (hardware-based) features are now being enhanced with native (hardware-based) encryption capabilities (now available in LTO4 technology).

Disk-based backup systems utilize disk subsystems (random I/O devices) to provide high-speed backup/archive targets to the backup environment. Typically, disk-based backup systems are deployed in a tiered model where the high-speed and multi-stream disk is used to store the nightly backup. Later or in parallel, this data is copied to tape for long-term archive storage. Most modern backup software supports the disk-to-disk-to-tape backup methodology. By retaining data on disk for short-term restores, data restoration processes are significantly faster. Disk-based backup systems meet the needs of a broad range of customers seeking to add disk performance and fault tolerance characteristics to their backup environment.

Backup Software is used to perform a complete backup of the IT environments files, data, databases, and systems/servers. Backup software is needed to write to Virtual Tape Library (VTL), tape backup, and disk-based backup systems. Backup software should minimally include the ability to run full, differential, and incremental backups with comprehensive scheduling capabilities. Backup software is also used to perform recovery of the data should the need arise.
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