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Multiple backup and storage vendors. Tens or even hundreds of thousand of dollars of unused storage resources. Less than fully operational backup solutions.


Chi Corporation's Optimization Services help you address these issues and more. Our consultants enable you to get the most out of your existing storage investments by helping you improve procedures, fine-tune system configurations, shift resource allocations, and perform software version upgrades.
  • Backup Process Optimization. Chi Corporation and partner consultants help you improve the quality and efficiency of your backup and restore processes by defining and documenting best practice procedures and fully utilizing the capabilities available with the technologies you have in place today.
  •  Asset Redeployment. The storage available in most data centers is drastically underutilized. By better matching existing resources with your requirements, Chi Corporation and partner consultants enable you to fully utilize the 'hidden capacity' in your existing storage tools.
  • Storage Operations Consolidation. By consolidating storage operations, Chi Corporation enables you to greatly improve manpower and/or equipment utilization by combining disparate procedures and resources into a single process supporting multiple systems.
  • Software Upgrades. Upgrading to your software vendor's current version often can provide improved performance and problem fixes, as well as valuable new features, at minimal cost. Chi Corporation can install and test upgrades to most popular products with little or no disruption to your daily operations.

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