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Centralized Control
Every IT manager dreams of one system that can do everything from a single point of control.

In IT, you have an interrupt-driven role, which has you performing repetitive but necessary tasks when you really want to be proactively serving end users. You’d love to minimize or automate repetitive tasks and get some time back in your day to allow you to focus on value-add policy and procedures.

Nasuni delivers Centralized Control that…
  • Globally manages data as one set for your company.
  • Continuously snapshots version changes to your data so that a file can be instantly restored to any point in time.
  • Automatically encrypts and protects data offsite.
  • Is intuitive to install, use and maintain, requiring no additional IT resources.
  • Proactively monitors the status of all your data stored within the service.
Nasuni's next-generation enterprise storage, delivers Multi-Site Access, Complete Security, Guaranteed Reliability, Instant Scalability, and Centralized Control all in one powerful package.


Nasuni’s Core Features

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