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Instant Scalability
Data growth compounds the problems of delivering storage to your organization.

You need to manage and contain storage costs; minimize headcount and system complexity; and optimize the time spent on backup, data migrations and offsite replication.

The unpredictability of unstructured data growth makes these tasks all the more difficult as you try to budget and plan for future storage needs.

Nasuni delivers Instant Scalability that...
  • Elastically grows with your data set.
  • Absorbs growth with infinite scalability.
  • Eliminates capacity constraints and reclaims storage.
  • Delivers on-demand, incremental provisioning.
  • Includes unlimited snapshots of the data.
Nasuni's next-generation enterprise storage, delivers Multi-Site Access, Complete Security, Guaranteed Reliability, Instant Scalability, and Centralized Control all in one powerful package.


Nasuniís Core Features

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