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Guaranteed Reliability
Cobbling together different systems for your storage needs is inherently unreliable—especially when the systems were designed independently and integrate poorly.

When something fails, vendors start pointing fingers, insisting that their technology is not the one at fault. You need an integrated storage solution that just works, supported by a vendor with a strong service orientation.

Nasuni delivers Guaranteed Reliability that…
  • Saves a gold copy of your data—fully versioned through time and fully protected through replication.
  • Includes unlimited and automatic snapshots and provides control for retention policies.
  • Restores access to your data after a disaster in the time it takes to power up a new unit.
  • Manages a continuous file stream such that local storage never fills up.
  • Provides proactive support through alerts.
  • Guarantees reliability through an industry-best SLA.
Nasuni's next-generation enterprise storage, delivers Multi-Site Access, Complete Security, Guaranteed Reliability, Instant Scalability, and Centralized Control all in one powerful package.


Nasuni’s Core Features

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