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Complete Security
The enterprise customer demands top-grade security capabilities that cannot be circumvented.

With the consumerization of IT, there is pressure to adopt technologies that are easy for your end users to use, but security is not often top of mind for end users. IT recognizes the paramount importance of security and the need to adopt solutions that have guaranteed security as a hallmark of their design.

Nasuni delivers Complete Security that…
  • Encrypts data with AES-256 at the edge, and keeps it encrypted in transit, at rest in the cloud and all the way back to your premises.
  • Keeps access control with Active Directory where it belongs.
  • Provides immutability–your data can never be changed. Version changes are saved as separate and immutable units.
  • Assures only you can access your data. Your data can never be seen by Nasuni or anyone in the cloud.
  • Delivers a 100% security guarantee.
Nasuni's next-generation enterprise storage, delivers Multi-Site Access, Complete Security, Guaranteed Reliability, Instant Scalability, and Centralized Control all in one powerful package.


Nasuni’s Core Features

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