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Top 10 Storage Trends for 2013 Top 10 Storage Trends for 2013

The explosive growth of data will continue to be the biggest concern for the storage industry as big data begins to take center stage. Exabytes will enter into planning discussions and petabytes will be the new norm for large data stores.

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Safeguard Properties Case Study Safeguard Properties Case Study

Desperate to get back up and running, Manley and his team contacted Chi Corporation, a leading enterprise storage solution provider, for assistance. “Cost and responsiveness were huge factors,” says Manley. “We needed to get a solution in quickly, and get it up, live, and working.” Time was critical. Safeguard considered solutions from EMC and FalconStor, and with Chi’s assistance, chose FalconStor technology for its ease of implementation, speed of recovery, and cost-effectiveness.

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Microscan De-Duplication Minimizes Replicaton Microscan De-Duplication Minimizes Replicaton

MicroScan™ is an integral part of the FalconStor Software suite of products including Continuous Data Protection (CDP), Continuous Data Replication (CDR), FileSafe™ host backup software, and DiskSafe™ hostbased CDP software. FalconStor CDP and CDR with MicroScan technology can dramatically reduce your cost structure for data protection. This document explains how MicroScan works to minimize duplicate data and how this can save considerable bandwidth, storage resources, and overhead.

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Which RAID Level is Right For Me? Which RAID Level is Right For Me?

Data is the most valuable asset of any business today. Lost data means lost business. Even if you backup regularly, you need a fail-safe way to ensure that your data is protected and can be accessed without interruption in the event of an online disk failure. Adding RAID to your storage configurations is one of the most cost-effective ways to maintain both data protection and access.

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Building Open SANs With Mutli-Switch Fabrics Building Open SANs With Multi-Switch Fabrics

The long awaited switch interoperability standard, now ratified and published by the ANSI T11 Fibre Channel standards committee, allowing Fibre Channel (FC) switches from multiple vendors to co-exist in the same heterogeneous Storage Area Network (SAN), is finally here! The focus of this paper is to examine the state of switch interoperability, what’s available today and what’s not yet implemented.

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Automated Information Lifecycle Management Automated Information Lifecycle Management

BridgeHead Software’s HT ISM platform is a complete Integrated Storage Management system that helps mid- to largesized IT organizations meet their goals for business continuance, data protection, disaster recovery, compliancy, data lifecycle management, and secondary storage consolidation.

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MAID 2.0: Energy Savings without Compromises MAID 2.0: Energy Savings without Compromises

Not all Green Storage is created equal. There are business benefits to aligning the most energy efficient storage to meet different data and application requirements. All storage venders are claiming some form of "green" or some power, cooling and floor space savings. This industry trends and perspectives brief looks at a category of storage to support secondary and near-line or off-line data needs, comparing performance with energy savings, to enable you to be the judge of who is the "greenest" of them all.

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